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Inner Painting

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Snuff-bottles with pictures inside are small and exquisite Chinese folk craftworks made from jade, enamel, crystal, agate, glass and so on. The art of decorating snuff-bottles from the inside dates from the 19th century. The story goes that in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Dao Guang (182L-1850), an impoverished scholar was addicted to snuff. To relieve his craving for the powdered tobacco, he scraped his snuff-bottle from the inside with a bamboo slip.

Gradually the marks left on the inner wall of the bottle made a picture, catching the fancy of folk artists. The art of drawing pictures inside snuff bottles was thus created and popularized. In the beginning the pictures were simple and roughly drawn. But by the reign of Guang Xu (1875-l908), the art had been perfected: Artists made delicate drawings with bamboo slips or calligraphy brushes on the bottles' polished inner walls.

Today, nobody sniffs snuff, but there are so many people who collect snuff-bottles with pictures inside as their curios. The traditional themes of Chinese painting including landscapes, figures, birds and flowers, as well as a variety of auspicious designs are expressed by the artists of inside painting. As the concentration of the Chinese culture, snuff-bottles with pictures inside are exhibited in the museums in many countries, and collected by many people throughout the world.

Nowadays, inner painting artist developed more and more type of works. Inner painting have been applied on flower vases, crystal balls, scent-bottles and other related decorative glass and crystal works.

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